'Fight violence of lies with clenched fist of truth:' NRA releases angry recruitment ad

'Fight violence of lies with clenched first of truth:' NRA releases angry recruitment ad (Photo: NRA)

(KUTV) - The National Rifle Association has released a commercial on their website apparently slamming Hollywood, journalists, and athletes, and calling on police to "take action."

The ad, narrated by NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch slams the media saying they help promote an anti-gun agenda.

"They use their media to assassinate real news, they use their schools to teach children that our president is another Hitler, they use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again," Loesch began. "And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance, all to make them march and protest and scream racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia to smash windows and burn cars, shut down Interstates and airports and bully the law-abiding. The only option left is for police to do their jobs and stop the madness," Loesch continued.

"The only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth. I'm the National Rifle Association of America and I'm America's safest place," Loesch finished.

You can watch the entire commercial above, which is promoting NRATV.

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