Used for new – the fine print in smartphone purchases

Used for new – the fine print in smartphone purchases. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) -- If you buy a new product and it doesn’t work, would you accept a used product as a replacement?

Doran Hall's isn’t taking that deal lying down. A brand new iPhone he purchased at an AT&T store didn’t work for the moment it came out of the box, he says. He took it back the very next day, expecting to exchange it for another new phone but instead, Doran says the manager pointed to the fine print on the back of his receipt that states AT&T does not cover or service warranty issues for apple devices.

Doran says he turned to Apple, but got no luck there, either. He was told they would either refurbish the one he bought or give him another refurbished phone.

Doran says that’s not fair because if he knew he was going to end up with a refurbished device, he’d have bought refurbished in the first pace and save himself some money.

In an email to Get Gephardt, an AT&T spokesperson blamed Apple writing they were operating "per guidance from Apple."

Apple would not comment on the record for this story but on its website states that defective falls under the Apple warranty which does not guarantee a new phone as a replacement for a new phone that is defective.

The good news for Doran is that AT&T ultimately escalated the situation to their president’s office and he received a brand new phone - from AT&T.

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