Get Gephardt: Tourist flight to Grand Canyon never takes off

Sylvia and Peter Thornhill decided to Get Gephardt when the flight they couldn't get a refund for their booked flight tour of the Grand Canyon. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Sylvia and Peter Thornhill traveled all the way from New Zealand for a trip around North America. They were in Utah for less than 48 hours. The made the stop for one very special purpose: to see the Grand Canyon.

They booked a flight with Ogden based Utah Airways for a day trip to fly over Utah’s national parks as well as the Grand Canyon. The couple paid $1159 and received a confirmation email. Peter says he also confirmed the flight on the phone.

When they arrived for their flight, bad news: they were turned away. Utah Airways did not have the couple’s reservation.

Frustration turned to anger when the couple asked Utah Airways for a refund and they were told, “No.”

Nobody from the company would talk Get Gephardt on camera, but in an email wrote that the airline never got Sylvia and Peter's reservation, nor did they get their money so they don’t have it to refund.

Get Gephardt tried to follow up but the company stopped responding. Somebody must have found money because, a few days later, the Thornhills got their money back. Their credit card statement says it came from Utah Airways.

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