Some customers of Murray mechanic frustrated by delays

    Some customers of Murray mechanic frustrated by delays (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) David Heiner dropped off his Dodge Challenger at a mechanic to have work done to his suspension. He says the owner said it would be ready in three weeks but the car was still in the shop after more than a year.

    David says the mechanic gave him excuses.

    "Parts are the wrong parts. They're not on order. They're not coming in. Family death. Heart attacks. Out on vacation. You name it, something's going wrong," he said.

    David says he did get it back for a few weeks but the suspension wasn't working right so he took it back in.

    All told, the car has been in the shop for about 14 months.

    "Enough is enough,” He said. “I need my car back"

    David isn't the only person reporting frustrations with delays from the mechanic. Get Gephardt was contacted by five others who report dropping off their cars only to see them sit for long periods of time with seemingly little or nothing being done. One emailer says his car was returned in worse shape than when he dropped it off.

    When Get Gephardt first reached out to the mechanic, he told us he'd gotten behind but also stated that David would get his car back the very next day.

    It was about two weeks later that David’s Challenger was returned.

    Several weeks after David's car was returned, Get Gephardt heard back from the mechanic stating work was done on the car beyond what was requested and it was done at no additional cost to David.

    The Mechanic said his company was out of business because he has fallen on “hard times.”

    The mechanic also emphasized that he has lots of “happy customers.”

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