New community fighting for mail service


(KUTV) For Shiree Adams, it has become a daily pilgrimage from her home in Spanish Fork, Utah, to the post office just to get her mail. And that’s just the beginning of the hassle.

“Every time I go there, no matter what time of day, it's a long line," she said.

It shouldn't be that hard. When a developer designed her community, a mailbox was supposed to be installed in the neighborhood next to some other cluster-boxes. But for nearly a year, the promised box hasn't arrived.

"It is a very big hassle," she said.

Adams says that both the post office and the developer are shirking responsibility. A letter from the postal service says its policy is clear: new developments must have "cluster box units" and those cluster boxes are the responsibility of the "developer, contractor or homeowner."

But in a text message, the developer, Salisbury Homes, which had originally said the cluster-box would be forthcoming, Adams was told "Salisbury will not purchase boxes."

“I want to be able to pick up my mail," she said.

Not sure who else to call, Adams decided to Get Gephardt.

Nobody from the postal service nor the Salisbury would talk on camera about this, but each promised they would work with the other to get the mailboxes installed and that seemed to do the trick.

Just like that, Adams’ neighborhood finally has mail service.

In some cities, ordinances will not allow someone to move into a home unless there is working mail service. Adams says that's not the case in Spanish Fork.

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