ID Fraud leaves Utah County woman paying through the nose for her new car

ID Fraud leaves Utah County woman paying through the nose for her new car. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Jessica Douglass is paying a whole lot more for her brand new car than she should be. Through no fault of her own, her credit score is in the dumps.

Her credit report shows she hasn't been paying on a loan she allegedly took out with some company called "Acceptance Now." It's a company Douglass has never heard of.

"I keep calling them and saying, ‘Hey, you guys have made a mistake. This is not my account.’ And they say, ‘OK, call back in two days we'll figure it out."

But Jessica says the company wouldn't figure it out, and neither would the nation’s credit bureaus. She says when she filed a dispute with the credit bureaus, they essentially called her a liar, telling her the debt is valid and the credit-ding stands.

"I am very mad because now it's on my credit report,” Douglass said. “I did have a 758 score and now it's down to 621 and through no fault of my own."

Credit counselor Ellen Billey with AAA Fair Credit Foundation says Douglass did everything right, including filing a dispute with the three credit bureaus. Billey says when the bureaus refuse to listen, consumers sould file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.

Before suggesting she contact the feds, Get Gephardt reached out to Acceptance Now on Douglass’ behalf. A spokesperson didn't tell us to ‘call back in two days.’ Rather, the company acknowledged that Douglass, indeed, didn't deserve to have her credit score dinged.

The spokesperson wrote, "Both Ms. Douglass and Acceptance Now appear to be victims of fraud."

Someone used Douglass’ identity to take out the loan, Acceptance Now says.

Just like that, good news for Douglass. Acceptance now is finally clearing her credit report. She says she plans to refinance her car and hopefully get a better interest rate.

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