Get Gephardt Investigates: Solar panels installed but not 'turned on'

Get Gephardt Investigates: Solar panels installed but not 'turned on' (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Denise Warren's solar panels have been on her roof since May but they're not generating any solar power.

Denise says the installer told her that the city would need to check the installation before the panels would get up and running – a process they claimed would take no more than a couple weeks.

When the inspection never happened, Denise called the company form which she had been cold the panels, Brio. Brio had bad news: The installation company, ECNI, “quietly went out of business without telling anybody," Denise says she was told.

Worse, without ECNI, Denise is stuck in limbo.

"The city can't talk to Brio because the job's filed under ECNI's name and it's just this big huge horrible mess," she said.

In the meantime, Denise is paying the solar panel loan as well as the power bill that isn’t at all diminished by the panels generating energy.

"There is absolutely nothing in my power to do except maybe get help from [Get Gephardt]," she said.

By phone, a Brio spokesperson claimed it is just the sales company. Denise's contract is with ECNI. If Denise wants Brio to redo the permits, they can do it, but they will charge her.

Brio's spokesperson also stated to Get Gephardt that ECNI is out of the solar business. That’s not true, according to ECNI’s owner.

When we reached ECNI by phone, the owner stated he was surprised to learn that Denise’s job had not been completed, saying the communications Denise had with Brio had not been relayed to him. He was also surprised to hear that customers are being told ECNI is not in business.

Get Gephardt confirmed that ECNI has an active business license with the state of Utah.

Just like that, ECNI finally returned to finish Denise's job. The company is working with the city to get her panels up and running.

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