Customers struggle to get their computers returned from a Pleasant Grove repair store

Frustrated consumers called Gephardt when they couldn't get their computers back from a Pleasant Grove computer repair store. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — A Pleasant Grove computer repair store has a long list of frustrated customers, including Diane Reaveley and Janine Morlock.

They, and others, tell Get Gephardt they dropped off their computers for repairs and, for several months, could neither get them back nor get the store's owner to even respond to them.

Get Gephardt met the two at the store one evening during the store’s posted business hours. The lights were on but the door was locked and no one came to the door when we knocked.

"We just want the computer back," Reaveley said.

Morlock said she is worried she may have lost irreplaceable information.

“I've got wedding pictures on there for two of my daughters and my wedding pictures," she said. "I've got graduation pictures. I've got my tax information. He has all my information. I want it back."

Despite multiple calls and multiple trips to the store during other posted business hours, Get Gephardt was unable to connect with the store's owner.

Pleasant Grove Police Chief Mike Smith said his department received several complaints from folks who couldn't get their stuff including Reaveley, Morlock — and the chief's own wife.

Smith said his wife had dropped off his family’s computer for repairs at the shop and was struggling to get it back.

“She dropped it off and then we could not make contact with him,” he said.

Smith said the city's attorneys decided that because people dropped off their stuff voluntarily, this wasn't criminal theft, but rather a civil matter.

But then, police got a tip that the owner was moving stuff out of the business and into his car — and they rushed to the store.

"They found a large majority of the property in the vehicle that they were moving out of the business and we were able to return most of that stuff to their owners," Smith said, "and he was very cooperative with that."

Get Gephardt returned a short time later to find the store cleaned out, a dumpster out back full of old computer boxes and other supplies. The owner never responded to our follow-up calls but the outgoing message states that the store is out of business and that folks who are still waiting for their computers should leave a message.

Utah law says that when you drop something off for repairs, the company must have it back to you within 30 days. If they don't, you can file a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection or take the company to court.

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