Company slow to provide promised, but not required, refund

Company slow to provide promised, but not required, refund

(KUTV) When Liz Phillips booked a trip, she also booked an 11-day stay for her dog, Jax, at a kennel where the K-9 has stayed before.

Liz paid $349 up front.

Unfortunately, the kennel become unnecessary. A chemical imbalance in Jax’ brain forced Liz to euthanize her young animal.

Liz says she called the company to notify them, and ask about a refund. Per the terms of contract, boarding fees are non-refundable but the company offered her one anyway.

Liz played a voicemail from Coddled Critters which stated that the owner would be issuing “a full refund in the next few days."

Those 'few days' turned into weeks. Two months after the refund was promised, Liz says communication with the company has shut down.

"I’ve called and called, nobody responds to my calls anymore,” she said.

By phone, Coddled Critters’ owner pointed out to Get Gephardt that she was being nice in offering the refund - one wasn't required.

As for the delay in the refund that had been promised, the owner blamed the delay on some technical changes at the company. She says she had changed credit card processors and Liz' refund got lost in the shuffle.

Coddled Critter immediately issued a refund.

Coddled Critters is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.

Utah law says that when a refund is due, it's supposed to be provided within 30 days.

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