Online quizzes may reveal more about you than what fictional character you are

Online quizzes may reveal more about you than what fictional character you are (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV)- Since high school, Krystin Arroyo has been a huge fan of online quizzes.

"I took one that was like which Care Bear are you and it explained why, you were this one versus the other one," Arroyo said.

Arroyo says her favorite quizzes are about her favorite TV shows, movies or books.

"Ones that really go into depth, as far as personality and characteristics and everything. Those I think are the most fun," Arroyo said.

In-depth questions are what security experts want you to watch out for.

"Information is king right now, and that's what brands are trying to get from you. The more you give, the more they can understand what you're doing," Jeff Lind with Codeword Agency said.

Information, specifically about you means money. We did some digging and found someone who knows quizzes better than most, someone who makes them.

"Started the company in 2013, right before the quiz wave when Buzzed quizzes were kind of up and coming and we created a simple tool that allowed people to make those," Bucky Flowers, the Founder of QZZR, a company based out of Lehi, Utah said.

Flowers says they road the quiz wave of 2013 and 2014 and then they shifted their focus more towards helping businesses learn about their customers.

Flowers says there's more going on with these online quizzes than what you might think. The questions about what you're doing this weekend or if you are a morning person seem completely harmless. Flowers says it doesn't seem like a personality assessment, but underneath the answers are mapped to personality traits. Marry those personality traits with what you like on Facebook and now these companies have a tool to sway your opinion.

"The way you behave in one scenario, it actually can generalize and predict how you'll behave in another scenario for instance in an election, so that could be used to manipulate voters," said Flowers.

If you're not ready to give up your online quiz taking, tech experts have three signs to watch out for. First, stay away from quizzes with Facebook integration.

"They're getting way too much personal information about you or enough that they could really narrow you down to a specific scope, political party, things like that," said Lind.

Second, avoid quizzes that want too many intimate details about you.

"If they start getting into way too specific, maybe things that you'd traditionally be uncomfortable with that don't apply to maybe the outcome of a quiz, they're trying to get branded information about you," said Lind.

Third, stay on brand specific quizzes.

"If you're taking a quiz that doesn't have a brand tied to it and is asking you far-reaching information, just collecting things that's a little bit concerning," said Lind.

When debating on whether to take a quiz, remind yourself that once the information is out there, it's very hard to get back.

"Think of the exchange of information you're providing for the outcome and is it worth it to you," said Lind.

Krystin Arroyo says she still likes taking the online quizzes, but now that she knows what's being done with her information, she'll be more cautious.

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