You want to play in the big leagues? Connect bat and baseball sensor helps you train


(KUTV) -- Aspiring athletes who want to make it into the big leagues can train just like the professionals with new technology - Marucci CAT7 Connect and Blast Baseball Sensor.

Jeff Lind, partner at Codeword Agency, demonstrated the two-piece hybrid bat, also a 2017 Popular Science Best Of What’s New Award Winner.

The barrel has an optimized design that gives a much larger sweet spot for every swing and doesn’t have any “dead spots.” The SDX connection dismisses vibrations at contact which then leaves only a smooth, solid feeling with every pop.

If interested, you can get this specific bat at for approximately $350.

Lind also showed how the Blast Baseball Sensors that fits on the bottom of the bat.

With Blast, you can automatically capture valuable swing metrics - like bat speed, bat angle, body rotation, and power - and get a 3D swing animation.

An app allows you to record yourself swinging and will automatically edit the video clip adding in slow motion and on-screen metrics.

The sensor shortens the feedback loop (real vs. feel), removes subjectivity, and allows players to establish a benchmark and then set goals to trend up in their swings

This hitting solution is available on for $149.95.