U Bike Electric

U Bike Electric. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — We were joined by Kate Bowman, Solar Project Coordinator with Utah Clean Energy, and Myron Wilson, with the University of Utah Sustainability Department, to discuss the U Bike Electric, "an electric bicycle purchase program intended to help more people improve air quality by cutting personal transportation emissions," according to U News.

"We all know that air quality and traffic are big problems here in Utah," Bowman said, "and so we want to give people options to do your part and help reduce air pollution here and get out of your car and onto a bike."

This is the drive behind the creation of U Bike Electric.

In order to participate, simply visit U Bike Electric and sign up to get a code.

Five different local bike shops have partnered with the program, which are trained and certified to maintain and sell the unique bicycles.