Ask Mama Alice offers mentoring services to adoptive parents of black children


(KUTV) -- Alice Faulkner Burch discussed with 2News how white adults adopting black children is on the rise in Utah. She wants to bring awareness to those white parents by offering assistance with her personal service, "Ask Mama Alice."

"The Mama Mentor Method is based on how my white mother successfully raised me under the tutelage of a black woman," Burch said. "I do this to honor my mother Elwanda Dail Faulkner, and the black woman who tutored her, and who to this day is a huge part of my life, Bettie Patterson Bowls.

"She and her husband were even present at my wedding six years ago and did the formal presentation of me, to my to-be husband, and the community in a black ancestral wedding ceremony. She is considered family and I am her baby sister," she concluded.

The assistance and support offered by Burch is through one-on-one mentoring where she individually and privately assists the mother or parents in setting up their home environment, teaching them some skills, and answering whatever their questions are regarding raising a black child.

"When you are a white parent of a black child, there are some big differences in raising that child as there would be for a white parent to raise an Asian child or a Native American child or any child other than their own ethnicity," Burch said.

She added, "Utah’s psychographics are changing fast. Our state’s attitudes and opinions regarding blacks is changing one person and one family at a time, especially where a white person marries a black person and a white adult adopts a black child."

People interested in Ask Mama Alice services may contact Burch via email at or visit her Facebook page @NJoytheJurnee.