Tech Report: Koolmask


(KUTV) — Jeff Lind of Codeword joined us in studio to discuss the Koolmask, a technology in development to help combat pollution.

The Koolmask is perfect for athletes, commuters in smoggy cities, and people with Asthma or weak immune systems/respiratory illnesses.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to aid in the production of this product. The crowdfunding campaign began in October of 2017, and has raised $49,500.

A pledge of $100 or more will get you a Hexa Koolmask.

Mass production for the Koolmask will begin in March 2018. They are expected to be delivered in September of 2018.

The Koolmask is equipped with twin turbo fans, which draw in contaminated air, remove pollutants, and return of 100 liters of clean air to the wearer per minute. It also has an air quality monitor that is built directly into the mask to detect pollutants and particles in the air. The monitor sends real data to the user's AirSensor app.

The innovative mask also comes equipped with a tri-layer filter—a non-woven filter that filters out coarse particles and dust.