Tech Report: InvisaWear, life saving tech

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InvisaWear. (Photo courtesy of invisaWear)

(KUTV) — We were joined by Cassie Arnsten to discuss invisaWear, smart jewelry designed for personal protection.

InvisaWear comes as a bracelet, necklace or key chain, and its cute design helps the device fit into everyday life.

Co-founder Rajia Abdelaziz was an undergrad in engineering when she noticed fewer women coming to group activities at night because they were afraid to walk home in the dark.

Abdelaziz knew that pepper spray could be used against her in a struggle, and could not think of any other device that could be more discrete than large, ugly panic buttons.

InvisaWear raised over $38,000 on Indiegogo to develop this discrete technology.

The wearable connects to the invisaWear application through Bluetooth. When you firmly press the button twice, the application sends your exact location and an alert message to your pre-selected list of emergency contacts, and can connect them with police dispatchers.

InvisaWear products can be purchased HERE. Products will be delivered by July 25 with free shipping.

Products are available in gold or silver, and range from $129 to $99. You can receive 10% off when you enter code KUTV.