Teachers Work to Create Problem Solvers on STEM Day

STEM - Teachers Work to Create Problem Solvers on STEM Day

At South Jordan Elementary School, students are getting a hands-on lesson in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Students are divided into four different groups. In one group, students stack cups without using their hands. In another group, students build a tower with 3X5 cards to see if it will support a beach ball. Students are also learning to code with Ozobots and Spheros. A digital learning coach from the Jordan District is on hand to help teachers bring these STEM projects to the classroom.

"I think that is what employers are looking for is kids who are able to problem solve, and work together, and communicate and all of those skills are happening right here in this activity," said Raimee Jensen a Digital Learning Coach for the Jordan District.

Teachers like 5th Grade Teacher Sherri Peisley hope activities like this create problem solvers.

"We hope they synergize, learn how to work together and how to be able to figure out how to do hard things. Not giving them every little instructions on what to do and let them figure them out by themselves," said Peisley.