Tackling Tech with Franklin Planner

Tackling Tech with Franklin Planner. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — We were joined in studio by Tasha Arnold of Franklin Planner, who shows us ways to maximize planning with both tech and traditional tools like planners.

"Often times we get bombarded with things that come in our inbox and we're just responsive to notifications," Arnold said. "So using the planner with our phone — in tandem with whatever technology we use on a daily basis — will give us the opportunity to really focus on what matters most."

Doing this, Arnold says, can help alleviate daily distractions and stress.

Arnold recommends sitting down with your planner every morning for 15 minutes to write the day's top priorities.

Writing your top priorities rather than an indiscriminate bullet point list will help focus your day.

Arnold says a planner can help you focus on the long-term perspective and mold you into what you want to become, rather than simply chasing daily posts, messages and tweets.