Web Exclusive: Sarah George on making museums accessible

Web Exclusive: Sarah George on making museums accessible (Photo is courtesy Tom Smart and is provided by the Natural History Museum of Utah)

(KUTV) Dr. Sarah George believes it's important for people to experience the Natural History Museum of Utah and learn of the state's history.

"It's always going to help us make informed decisions if we look at what's happened in the past, whether it's hundreds of millions of years ago or just 100 years ago," she aid.

The museum has many exhibits to help people learn about science and history and even differing opinions on events in Utah.

"It's not just a collection of facts," she said.

George knows museums can be intimidating and aren't necessarily for everyone, but she and her staff work to make things as accessible as possible.

"We've really expanded our outreach programs," she said.

The museum has programs that brings exhibits and information into classrooms and other community events to get people interested.

The museum also hosts some free days to make a family visit more affordable, and is working to provide more information in Spanish as well.

"We have a lot of ways to try to make it easier," she said.

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