Web Exclusive: VidAngel also produces original content

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Web Exclusive: VidAngel also produces original content

(KUTV) VidAngel isn't just a filtering service. It also produces some original shows and comedy specials.

On Thanksgiving Day, VidAngel published the pilot for a series called "The Chosen," which tells about the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of the people he encountered during his life.

"We're really excited about this TV series," said Neal Harmon, VidAngel CEO.

The series is a passion project for the director, Dallas Jenkins. But the pilot, which portrays a shepherd who is the first to hold the baby Jesus, especially touched Harmon.

"When I saw that, I couldn't hold back my emotion because I related to it so well," Harmon said. "I grew up in pretty humble circumstances in Idaho--out in the middle of nowhere. We didn't have much."

To see The Chosen and more, visit the VidAngel website.

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