Web Exclusive: Moana Wolfgramm Feinga on staying grounded during fame

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Web Exclusive: Moana Wolfgramm Feinga on staying grounded during fame (Photo provided by Moana Wolfgramm Feinga)

(KUTV) Since Moana Wolfgramm Feinga became famous at 11 years old, she didn't necessarily have normal childhood experiences.

But there were several things that kept her grounded.

She credits her faith--she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--and the church's Young Women's program with helping her maintain her childhood.

"I think that really helped me and my sisters kind of get grounded, remember who we are," she said.

They also had close friends in Minnesota that helped them hang onto their youth. She even got to attend prom a couple of times with her friends.

"Some of them didn't care about the business. They were just happy to be friends with the Wolfgramm family, and we're still friends with them today," she said. "But I think it's our belief system that helped us because the business will be brutal on you."

Feinga recalled how the business was always focused on looks--she and her siblings were told to lose weight and more.

"You can still see the pressure today," she said.

Feinga also talked with Shauna Lake about bringing the Polynesian culture to the pop scene. Watch the video above for more.

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