Web Exclusive: Carlijn Schoutens talks about living in the Netherlands

Web Exclusive: Carlijn Schoutens talks about living in the Netherlands (Photo provided by Carlijn Schoutens)

(KUTV) Carlijn Schoutens was born in the United States, but grew up in Netherlands.

In her mind, the two countries share some similarities, but definitely have differences.

"If I really had to point out some differences, I'd say mostly space," Schoutens said. "There's so much more space in the USA."

According to Schoutens, the U.S. has more wilderness to see whereas in the Netherlands, you drive a few hours and you are in a different country.

Schoutens has also noticed a difference in the people.

"I think in the U.S., people are more friendly--I noticed that right away. Just very welcoming, very friendly," she said.

When Schoutens first moved to America, she was still in medical school. She had been studying in Amsterdam.

"I had arranged it so that I could do it remotely," she said.

For two years, she would study on her own, then go back to her home country to take her exams.

"That got me to the point where I got to the halfway mark, which secures your credits up to that point," she explained.

Then she took a leave from school to focus on speedskating, but plans on going back to school eventually.

Watch the video above to see why she wants to be a doctor and what field she might focus on.

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