Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman's children are also musically talented

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Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman's children are also musically talented (Photo provided by Caleb Chapman)

(KUTV) Not only is Caleb Chapman a saxophone player, teacher, and author; he is also a father to four children.

Many of them are the same age of the kids he teaches at the Soundhouse.

It can be a challenge because he knows what works when it comes to communication and discipline with his students.

"It's a different dynamic when it's your own children," Chapman said.

So he has to switch gears when he's with his family.

"What complicates it even more is that three of my four kids are old enough that they're in my bands," he said. "So we have our own set of rules of how we interact when they're in the rehearsal room or on tour and at home."

Chapman used to worry that his children wouldn't be interested in music.

"They certainly have not let that happen," he said.

His 18-year-old son is one of the best pro drummers in the state and his daughter followed his footsteps by playing the saxophone.

She is also one of the best in the state.

Although Chapman spends a lot of time with other talented kids at the Soundhouse, he makes sure to get in a lot of quality time with his children.

"When I'm with my kids, I'm with my kids. Phones are away, we take lots of family trips--just me and my kids--and we've got a great relationship," he said.

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