Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman's career advice

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Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman's career advice (Photo provided by Caleb Chapman)

(KUTV) Caleb Chapman's mantra is "say yes" when it comes to career advice for aspiring musicians.

He was told that same advice by Saturday Night Live band leader, Lenny Pickett.

"Just say yes. Always say yes. That's what opens doors and that's what's going to keep you playing," Pickett told Chapman.

Chapman says the music industry is constantly changing.

"Being in the music business, it's hard. And it's getting harder," Chapman said.

But the goal of the Soundhouse isn't to make all of his students professional musicians.

"The world doesn't need armies of professional musicians. What the world needs is armies of amazing people--and that's why we do it," he said.

Chapman can also add a best-selling book to his resume.

He partnered with Jeff Coffin, the saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band, to write a jazz method book .

"What I wanted to do is set out to create a method for playing jazz style, and realized that no one had written a book on that yet," he said.

Coffin wrote the music for the book, which lets people play along with songs.

Chapman wrote all the instructional material.

"It's sold about 15,000 so far," Chapman said. "I was totally surprised."

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