Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman on the amount of talent in Utah

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Web Exclusive: Caleb Chapman on the amount of talent in Utah (Photo provided by Caleb Chapman)

(KUTV) Utah is known for having very talented people.

"I think it probably has a lot to do with the culture here in Utah," Caleb Chapman said. "You've got a predominate religion where music is a big part of that, and also this focus on family, and you have parents who are committed to having kids involved in a lot of things."

Chapman directs the Crescent Super Band, and people seem to be surprised at the amount of talent coming from the kids.

"Having that kind of product coming out of Utah, and getting to tour all over the world, has been a lot of fun to be kind of ambassadors for the state," he said.

Unfortunately, the arts seem to be going away, especially in school curriculums.

"I think we can only keep that up for so long before we start to see the toll that takes on our culture," Chapman said.

Chapman believes that music really makes a difference in our lives, and we should support the arts.

"I really feel strongly that we need to support art as a society, but at the same time, artists have a responsibility to create art that's consumable," he said.

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