Person 2 Person: Neal Harmon

Person 2 Person: Neal Harmon

(KUTV) Neal Harmon is the CEO of the filtering service, VidAngel, which he started with some of his brothers.

They first came up with the idea around 2012, after they had created some popular--and viral--ads for companies like Orabrush, Squatty Potty, and Poo-Pourri.

In the process, they had met some famous YouTubers.

"I liked these people a lot and I wanted to share some of their content with my children," Harmon said. "There's just certain things that I didn't want repeated at home."

So Harmon started thinking about and researching ways to filter online content.

His brothers had the same idea, and they created VidAngel in 2013.

But since then the company has faced some roadblocks, including a lawsuit from some major Hollywood studios like Disney.

Harmon calls that experience "surreal."

"In retrospect, I can totally understand why it was Disney at the head of the lawsuit, but at the moment that was a surprise," he said.

They suffered some big losses, and decided to change its filtering system in hopes it would "make the studios happy."

Before VidAngel, the Harmons were known for their successful "informercials" that talked about some sensitive matters in a clean and funny way.

They had started with a company called Orabrush, which gave them the momentum to start their own ad agency.

Neal Harmon is no longer with the agency so he can focus on VidAngel.

Harmon's family and faith play a big role in his professional life.

"I definitely think our faith has had an anchoring effect on everything that we do," he said of his and his brothers' work. "We don't want our work in life to take away from that faith."

Harmon's entire family has an entrepreneurial spirit.

He and his eight siblings grew up in Idaho in humble circumstances.

"We went from one job or opportunity to another," recalled Harmon. "We just did anything we could to figure out how to make ends meet."

Harmon and his wife hope to pass that along to their own eight children, as well as a strong belief in God.

"If my children can grow up and learn to communicate with their Father in Heaven, and hear Him in their lives, then I will think that Trish and I have been successful," Harmon said.

He also knows that VidAngel is a "huge, huge undertaking," but his dream is that it can continue on.

"What burns inside of me in times that I get tired, or feel the weight of what we've taken on, is that I want this to be possible for my children, and my grandchildren, and for their children," he said.

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