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Person 2 Person: Lucky Severson (Photo provided by Lucky Severson)

(KUTV) Lucky Severson was a KUTV reporter and host in the 1970s and later worked for NBC News.

"I think that I sort of stood out. First, because of my name, and then I took on a lot of sort of sacred things," Severson said.

While he was a reporter in Utah, he took issues dealing with the LDS Church and more.

"My mother was a fierce, fierce fighter for the underdog and I think I got some of that," he said.

Severson learned to develop a thick skin during his journalism career. But, he claims that writing his book, "Lucky From Virgin," was more difficult.

"The book was fun," he said. "But what they don't tell you is after the book, the sort of vulnerability that you feel."

In the book, he details his life growing up and his career.

"I've been in the business 48 years. I've been a lot of places, I've met some incredible people," he said.

All he experienced changed him in some ways.

"I don't think I know nearly as much as I thought I did," he said.

But he always wondered if he should be happier than his friends who had 9-5 jobs since he had seen so much.

"They're really happy--I swear they're as happy as I am," he said. "So the answer is no, I'm probably not happier than them, but I think in some ways maybe a little bit more fulfilled."

Severson decided to pursue his passion for news at 39 years old even though "I never dreamed I would live past 50."

His father had died at 44 years old, and his grandfather died at 41.

But a big historical event sparked something in him.

"I really think when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, that lifted me up somehow," he said. "I thought, 'Well, there is hope.'"

Severson felt like a "misfit" while growing up in Virgin, Utah.

"I just didn't belong there," he said.

Most people there were farmers or planned to be farmers but he had no interest in it.

"My father didn't know which end of a cow to milk, which end of a gun to shoot. Didn't care. And I guess I got a lot of that from him," he said.

Severson also described himself as a "horrible student."

"I don't think I dreamed about much," he said.

Severson spent part of his career at KUTV, working on documentaries and a magazine show.

"That's not a bad gig," he said.

"KUTV was an amazing place," he said of his job. "It was an amazing place because our owner, George Hatch, had a lot of money and he cared."

But after decades in the "hustle and bustle" of news, Severson has slowed down.

"I've traveled about six million miles. I thought that when I stopped traveling I would go crazy, but it just got to be where it wasn't so much fun," he said. "I still know what all the news is going on in the world before I brush my teeth. I'm totally a news hound."

If you are interested in buying Severson's book, "Lucky from Virgin: An Unlikely Story," you can visit this link.

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