Person 2 Person: Laura Harvey

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Person 2 Person: Laura Harvey (Photo courtesy Utah Royals FC)

(KUTV) Laura Harvey is the head coach for the new National Women's Soccer League team, the Utah Royals FC.

She most recently coached for the Seattle Reign and is considered by some to be the "best coach out there."

Harvey doesn't quite believe she's at that level, but says the key to being a good coach is "knowing the environment that you work in and what you want it to be."

"I definitely went through the experiment of trying to be the coach that everyone deemed I should be--and it's not who I am," she said. "So I decided I was just going to be who I was and be the best version of that."

Harvey loves the game of soccer, or football as it's called in England, her home country.

"It's my life. It's what I've grown up doing," she said.

She also describes herself as an "avid Netflix/TV fan" as well as a fan of being in the mountains.

"I'm also a skier, avid skier, so this was a huge pull for me to come to Salt Lake," she said.

The activities she enjoys also helps her connect with her players--who are also close to her age.

Harvey was a player herself, so she also understands their perspective when it comes to coaching.

"One of the things I enjoyed when I was a player was being taught why," she said. "That's sort of the line I take is, 'I'm going to ask you to do things, but I'm also going to tell you why I think it's a good thing that you should do them.'"

Dell Loy Hansen, who now owns Utah Royals FC along with Real Salt Lake, was instrumental in bringing Harvey to Utah.

"He just sold me," she said. "His passion for the sport, his passion for equality across the sport, was unmatched really from what I'd been around before."

Harvey is ready to experience more of Utah and especially the community.

"I want to make sure that the community knows that as a group, the Utah Royals FC want to get out there and show that this is not just about soccer. It's about a women's movement and empowering women in the community to get out and do whatever they want to do," she said.

Growing up, her family helped her realize her goals of what she wanted to do.

Her father was a soccer coach, and Harvey and her younger brother were very into the sport while growing up.

She knew at 14 that she wanted to work in soccer.

"He definitely brought both of us to believe that sport is something that if you're good at it, or you enjoy it, it can just empower your life," she said. "Both of us studied it at university and both of us now are soccer coaches."

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