Person 2 Person: Janice Kapp Perry

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Person 2 Person: Janice Kapp Perry (Photo provided by the Perry family)

(KUTV) Janice Kapp Perry is a songwriter and composer.

Her music is well-known around the world, especially to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She has written hymns, children's songs, musicals and more.

Perry didn't necessarily set out to be a composer. She was an avid athlete and sports fan for a lot of her life.

Her music career got started when she was 40 years old and was injured.

"When I had a sports injury, and couldn't be involved in sports anymore, the Bishop asked me while I was laid up if I'd write music for our road show," she said.

She asked him why he thought to ask her.

"He said, 'Well, you went to BYU, you studied music, and you've been playing ball for these 20 years. But, I just have a feeling,'" Perry recalled.

She hesitated at first, because she wasn't sure she could do it.

But once she started writing, everything started to flow and she got caught up in it.

"I just knew that's what I wanted to do," Perry said. "I wondered why I'd waited 20 years to start."

But her husband told her those years were her "research phase." She'd been raising a family, and had an infant child pass away.

She used those experiences to write her music.

"People relate to them better if it's something I have actually experienced," she said.

Perry considers her talents a gift and blessing.

"My songs are simple," she said, stating that she has even faced criticism for how simple her music is.

"There's beauty in simplicity. It makes it more accessible to people," she said.

Music helped Perry and her husband during their LDS mission to Chile.

"It was music that brought us the relationship with the people," she said.

Perry believes that "A Child's Prayer" is her most popular song.

She had no idea how well-known it would become when she wrote it,

"I was just having a day I guess when I wondered, 'Heavenly Father, are you really there?'" she recalled. "Decided to write it in a song and provide the answer."

Perry also had a chance to sing some of her own music while performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She joined the famous choir at 55 years old.

One of the first songs of hers they sang when she was part of it was "A Child's Prayer."

"I had a hard time singing. It seemed like beyond a dream come true," she said.

Perry still has many projects in the works, including some that focus on the Book of Mormon. She has also composed some hymns that coincide with LDS General Conference addresses given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

She hopes she will be remembered through her music, but also through her family.

"I hope I've been a good mother most of all," she said. "I love my children so much. And their lives honor me."

"As far as the music, I just want someone to feel my testimony through it--especially in these Book of Mormon things that I've been doing in this last decade. If I were to choose the thing I most want to pass on, it's my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I'd settle for that."

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