Person 2 Person: Bishop Oscar Solis

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Person 2 Person: Bishop Oscar Solis (Photo provided by the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City)

(KUTV) Bishop Oscar Solis is the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City. He was installed earlier this year.

Solis was not expecting this appointment and even jokingly asked himself, "Why me? What did I do wrong?"

"My life has been an openness to God's design, God's providence. And so it's nothing new anymore. It's just the human element in me that asks 'For Heaven sake, why me?'" he said.

But Solis has experienced a warm welcome from the people of Utah.

"I never expected this kind of wonderful ride," he said.

He is enjoying his ministry, meeting people, and visiting beautiful sites in Utah.

Solis is the first Filipino-American bishop in the church, but he says his "culture is secondary."

He came to the United States in 1984 and is not ashamed of his culture or the fact that he is an immigrant.

"But, I felt at home wherever I am," he said.

Bishop Solis has known he wanted to be a priest since he was young. He was an altar boy, and his mother encouraged him to become a priest.

"I went along with that, knowing that it's fun. I'm an adventurous guy. So I entered the seminary at the tender age of 11," he recalled.

He eventually graduated with a bachelor of arts in philosophy, but then decided to take a break from the seminary.

His mom was surprised and a little saddened by his decision--she wanted to have a son who is a priest.

"So I told my mom, 'Mom, you don't understand. I want to have a priest son myself!'" Solis laughed.

During his break, he taught in the seminary and even looked into pursuing law. His father had wanted him to become a lawyer.

"God, in some mysterious way, has really done something in order to keep my mind questioning until I found and discovered that I'm happier inside the seminary," he said.

Despite his important life calling, Solis insists he's a normal guy.

"I think that people are surprise that we are human beings. Like anybody else, I cook, I work," he said.

He also loves to play golf.

"Some people have to work for food. I say Mass for golf," he joked.

For this Christmas season, Bishop Solis reminds us that it is about the birth of Jesus Christ and that we should be doing what we can to recognize the presence of God in our lives.

"When you get distracted by the material things, you push God away. You become indifferent to the presence of God, and so your happiness is only fleeting," he said.

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