Pay it Forward: Utah mom makes crafts to raise money for 'Cuddle Cot' after loss

Pay it Forward: Utah mom makes crafts to raise money for 'Cuddle Cot' after loss (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Elizabeth Henry lost her son, Rhyland Jerald Henry, on January 7, 2015 after pregnancy complications.

"Ever since then we've kind of tried to build everything back up," Henry said.

She remembered all of the help and gifts she received after the devastating loss. So she decided to help parents who are going through the same situation.

"To give back the way that we were given to when we lost him," she said.

She started by donating necklaces and other items to the hospital, but now she is working on getting a Cuddle Cot for Alta View Hospital.

"Basically just a bed that they can keep in the rooms with them, that they can keep the babies with them longer," Henry said as she described the Cuddle Cot.

A Cuddle Cot costs around $3,000, so Henry has been making and selling all kinds of custom crafts to raise the money she needs.

"Anything we can to make any little bit of money," she said.

Henry has made and decorated glass boxes, lanterns, ornaments, and even jackets and shirts.

It takes a lot of her personal time, and she pays for the materials out of her own pocket.

But, she calls the effort "priceless."

"I would do anything to have a few more minutes with him," Henry said, getting emotional. "So me taking this time to do these crafts is me spending time with him."

She hopes to donate more than just one Cuddle Cot in the future.

To help her meet her goal, Mountain America Credit Union gave Henry $500.

If you are interested in having Henry make a craft you can contact her through her Facebook page.

You can also donate to a Go Fund Me Account she has set up.