Pay it Forward: Family helps others to remember lost baby Makenzie

leggings donation 2.jpg
Pay it Forward: Leggings Project (Photo provided by Kendra Webster)

(KUTV) Dec. 13 is a memorable day for the Webster family.

That's the day 5-month-old Makenzie Webster passed away from a rare disease called SMARD.

SMARD stands for spinal muscle atrophy with respiratory distress. There is no cure.

Makenzie spent a lot of time in the hospital because of the disease.

"She was hooked up to all sorts of monitors and machines and couldn't wear any clothes," said Kendra Webster, her mother.

As a result, Kendra and her family would put fun leggings on her legs and arms to keep her warm.

"Just kind of made the day a little brighter," Kendra Webster said.

After Makenzie passed away, the Websters wanted to do something to keep her memory alive.

They thought of the leggings that were a big hit with both Makenzie and hospital staff.

"Every day the different nurses -- even ones that didn't have her that day -- would come in and see what leggings she had on," Webster recalled.

So now all year long, the Websters -- along with family and friends -- make and purchase leggings.

And on Dec. 13, they bring the colorful, warm items to kids in need.

"It's a small project, but it can make a big difference," said Webster.

Each pair of leggings has a personal message from Makenzie's family.

It reads in part, "May these leggings provide you and your child comfort the way they did for our daughter."

Mountain America Credit Union wanted to honor Makenzie, so it donated $500 to this leggings project.

If you are interested in helping with the leggings project, visit the Facebook page.

You can also donate through PayPal.