Pay it Forward: Kitchen manager raises money for co-workers every Christmas

Pay it Forward: Kitchen manager raises money for co-workers every Christmas (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A cafeteria worker within the Granite School District in Salt Lake goes above and beyond to make sure co-workers and even students are taken care of.

Janet Vorwaller is the kitchen manager in the Granite School District's main office.

But to her co-workers, she is so much more.

"She's a Christmas angel, or she could be one of Santa's chief elves," said Brent Severe, the chief executive officer of the Granite Education Foundation.

Every year, Vorwaller puts on a drawing for "Santa Baskets" in the office's lunchroom.

When employees buy lunch, they have the option to buy candy for a ticket. They then put their name on the ticket, and drop it into a stocking next to which basket they want to win.

Vorwaller then holds a drawing to see who gets each prize.

All the money she raises through the Santa Baskets goes to anyone in need in the district.

"It's just been people that have had a hardship, and this is just a little bit that we can help them with," she said.

Some of the prizes and baskets come from district employees, but Vorwaller often reaches into her own pockets to purchase items.

"A lot of the items that she puts out, she actually buys with her own money," said Severe.

And according to employees, acts like this are typical of this selfless woman.

"She's always going around, making sure that she can help others," Severe said.

When asked about it, Vorwaller is very humble and believes she gets a lot of the efforts she makes.

"You don't have the pity party because you see people that need it more than you do," she said.

Vorwaller also helps identify kids in the district who are behind in their lunch payments, and finds ways to help make that up.

Mountain America Credit Union wanted to recognize Vorwaller and contributed $500 to her Santa Baskets.

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