Pay it Forward: Corner Canyon High School adopts Texas school after Hurricane Harvey

senior night fundraiser 1.jpg
Pay it Forward: Corner Canyon High School adopts Texas school after Hurricane Harvey (Photo provided by Corner Canyon High School)

(KUTV) Hurricane Harvey did a lot of damage in Houston, Texas.

Kingwood High School was flooded and closed.

"It was completely destroyed in the flood," said Charri Jensen. "They've been displaced, doing double sessions with another school."

Jensen is a teacher and FCCLA advisor at Corner Canyon High School in Draper. Many of the students refer to her as "Mama J."

She is behind the school's efforts to adopt and help the students at Kingwood.

She asked her student officers and their friends to do the same--and they jumped in.

"I couldn't love these kids any more. They're like my own," Jensen said.

The school has done several fundraiser to earn money for Kingwood High School, including selling potatoes, flag football tournaments, and more.

They also did a clothing drive and sent about 1,000 pounds of clothing to Texas.

"Before the hurricane, their school was actually quite similar to ours," said Kaelia Owens, who has been helping to coordinate efforts.

This month, the school had a "Crush for a crush" fundraiser, selling sodas to be delivered to students on Valentine's Day.

"We're hoping at the very end of the school year at our closing assembly, we can present them with another check," Owens said.

The students are not only helping, but are making fundraising fun in the process.

"Who can go to work every day and say, 'I love my job,'" Jensen said. "I'm here with some of my favorite friends."

Mountain America Credit Union has stepped in with $500 to help Corner Canyon's efforts to take care of the kids at Kingwood.

Corner Canyon has set up a Go Fund Me Account to also aid in fundraising efforts.