Pay it Forward: Celebrate Everyday provides prom, wedding dresses for young women in need

Pay it Forward: Celebrate Everyday provides prom, wedding dresses for young women in need (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Prom season is upon us--the highlight of high school for many teens.

But finding the perfect dress isn't cheap.

The nonprofit, Celebrate Everyday, rents dresses to girls in need for free. Right now, the group is run out of a family's basement in North Ogden.

"It's really helpful. It saves us a lot of money," said Annette Christensen, who brought in her daughter, Katy, to find a dress.

Katy has Down syndrome and needed a dress for the Utah Miss Amazing Pageant.

This is the second time the Christensens have used the service.

"It was like she was a princess," said Christensen. "They pulled out all these different dresses for her."

Young women use the dresses for dances--like prom--and even weddings.

Celebrate Everyday has about 100 wedding dresses available.

"Every girl deserves to feel beautiful, and these dresses can do it," said Hannah Simmons, co-president of Celebrate Everyday.

The nonprofit also rents dresses to young women who can afford it, but only charge a $25 cleaning fee. Half of the cost is to clean the dress they rented, and the other half is used to clean the dress of a girl in need.

In addition to renting dresses, Celebrate Everyday throws events for girls with special needs and even homeless youth.

"We got the girls all dressed up and make up done, and everything," said Simmons.

Many of the girls they help have never dressed up before.

"They're in tears," Simmons said. "They've never held this kind of fabric, let alone been able to try it on."

Celebrate Everyday helps girls from Logan to Provo, but the young women who run the program hope to expand.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to Celebrate Everyday. You can donate cash or dresses to the group, too.

For more information visit the Celebrate Everyday website or Facebook page.