Pay it Forward: 'Blanketeers' give comfort, security to children in crisis

Pay it Forward: 'Blanketeers' give comfort, security to children in crisis (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Expert blanket makers pour a lot of time and love into creating security for children in crisis.

It's for a nationwide charity called "Project Linus."

"The blankets go anywhere we find a child that needs the 'blanket hug,'" said Millie Martensen, coordinator for the Salt Lake County chapter.

The Salt Lake County volunteers distributed over 2,000 blankets to kids in need last year.

They call themselves "blanketeers,"--a combination of volunteer and blanket makers.

Blanketeers make sure every piece they make is of good quality and is personally inspected.

"I never give anything to a child that I wouldn't want my own child to have," Martensen said.

The group meets together once a month to work on one type of blanket. And the rest of the blankets they do in their spare time--and on their own dime.

It takes "Hours and hours and days and shopping and sewing," said Martensen of the process.

The blankets go to children in crisis, which could include a wide range of circumstances. Project Linus donates blankets to the NICU and as well as police departments for officers to distribute to kids in need of extra security and comfort.

"When a child is suffering and struggling, I don't think there's anything better than to wrap him up in a hug," Martensen said.

Making these blankets can get quite expensive, so Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help them with materials.

If you'd like to donate or make blankets for the Salt Lake County chapter, there are instructions and contact information on its website,

And if you are looking for a chapter near you, visit the Project Linus website.