Pay it Forward: Black Dog Walk gets animals out of shelters and into homes

Pay it Forward: Black Dog Walk gets animals out of shelters and into homes (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) A group in Weber County is bringing attention to animals who are often overlooked.

Black Dog Walk started out as a way to bring awareness to black dogs and cats in the area by walking black shelter animals around the area.

"Black dogs and cats are some of the last to be adopted and the first to be put down in shelters," said Loa Collins, president of Black Dog Walk.

The group evolved into an animal rescue.

They take in animals who may be old, sick, abandoned, abused, or are struggling in a shelter.

"We love to take them in and help them find a good home," Collins said.

Volunteers will foster the animals until they are ready to be adopted.

"In two and a half years, I've had 91 dogs go through my house," said Jan Sager, who is a foster.

The fosters and other volunteers have seen hundreds of lives changed. Just last year, they helped 113 dogs through Black Dog Walk and over 300 shelter cats and dogs.

"It's thrilling--it truly is," said Sager. "It's why I foster."

The Petco in Harrisville has also stepped up to help. It houses some of the cats who are looking for homes.

"People don't like to go in the shelter to see the pets," Collins said.

Black Dog Walk also holds an adoption event at the Petco nearly every Saturday.

"It has changed our lives because we have seen their lives changes and it's so gratifying," said Collins.

Black Dog Walk pays for the medical costs for all of the animals, which can get pricey.

"We had about $17,000 in vet bills last year alone," reported Collins.

Mountain America Credit Union donated $500 to help with those costs and more.

Black Dog Walk is always looking for foster families, volunteers to help with events, and donations.

If you're interested in helping, or adopting from them, visit the Black Dog Walk Facebook page or website.