Pay it Forward: After school coordinator goes above & beyond to feed junior high students

Pay it Forward: After school coordinator goes above & beyond to feed junior high students (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Carter Woolf is in charge of after-school programming for Granite Park Junior High in South Salt Lake. He loves his job.

"I love these kids. I love being here every day," he said.

Woolf makes sure the students get help with homework and facilitates activities like sports, dancing, and art.

"It can really make a huge difference in their lives," Woolf said of the program.

But Woolf is more than a youth development coordinator to these kids and the school.

"He goes above and beyond," said Aaron Wilson, principal of Granite Park Junior High.

Many of the students in the school are immigrants or refugees whose families may be struggling.

Woolf realized that many of them don't get much food at home.

"A lot of kids are going home without dinner," he said.

So he got dinner and weekend food programs for the kids up and running. The school feeds the kids dinner before they leave, and pass out bags of food before the weekend.

"He's here late at night, making it happen. Washing dishes, providing opportunities so kids can eat," Wilson said.

And in his free time, Woolf is constantly looking for donations to further help the kids.

"I'm working with my friends and family all the time to collect donations," he said.

His efforts go way beyond his job description, but to him the kids are worth it.

"I guess my personal life I guess is my job, too," he said.

Woolf also takes the time to form one-on-one relationships with the kids.

"They love him," said Wilson.

He insists the students inspire him more than anything he has done.

"It's completely changed my life," Woolf said of the program.

Mountain America Credit Union wanted to give Woolf a little more help feeding his students, so they gave him $500.

Woolf is a student at the University of Utah. He originally wanted to study science, but this job has inspired him to become a science teacher and eventually an administrator.