Inside the Story: Utah County family wins big on 'Family Feud' game show

Inside the Story: Utah County family wins big on 'Family Feud' game show

(KUTV) A Utah County family won big on the game show, "Family Feud."

They won $72,000 for just two days of work.

The Erekson family was chosen out of thousands of families to appear on the show.

"I think it was natural for us," said Sheri, the matriarch of the family.

"We are really good at the game, all of us are pretty good-looking, and we all talk well and we are loud," said Zac with a smile, who served as team captain.

Sheri Erekson and her four kids didn't just win one game, they won five games in a row. That's the limit any family can win.

They won $72,000, including a new car.

It all started back in January when Family Feud producers came to Utah for auditions.

The Ereksons say the show was looking for people who could make great TV.

"They want a lot of clapping and dancing, and our family is pretty good at that," said Sheri.

Her son, Zac Erekson, seemed like a natural. He's the head football coach at Skyline High, so he hates to lose.

That's why he became the team captain.

"It became very competitive," he said. "Every game you won, you wanted to win the next one that much more."

But the family admits winning was no easy task. You have to think of answers on the fly--and that can result in some pretty dumb answers.

"It's a lot harder playing that game in real life, then sitting on a couch playing the game," said Ashley Shepherd, one of Sheri's daughters.

Every family member has a different plan for the money they won. The cash may not last long, but the memories the family experienced over a two-day taping period in March will live on through generations.

"Best weekend ever!" said Sheri.

The Ereksons' Family Feud episodes ran during the last week of September. They say everyone on the show was nice and great to work with, including host Steve Harvey.