Inside the Story: Unique art museum is all about the most important meal of the day

Inside the Story: Unique art museum is all about the most important meal of the day

(KUTV) — Ten different rooms, 25 local artists and 15,000 square feet of space. Add in bacon, eggs and waffles, and you have a very unique art museum.

It's called the Hall of Breakfast.

You first enter through a large refrigerator, and enter a world of rooms with a different breakfast theme.

The rooms also feature art from 25 local artists, and of course some food samples.

"We wanted to create a space that kind of created art and playfulness in something really everyday," said John Connors, who co-created the museum. "The purpose of this exhibit is to bring you back to that moment when you think anything is possible."

The museum opened on June 9th and has since become a social media frenzy.

Every room you enter creates a space for unique photos to post.

"Instead of taking pictures in front of a mountain or grass, you can take it on an egg, donut, bacon, and stuff like that," said Claire Hacker, who was visiting the museum.

"Social media has a lot to do with why people come here," said Madison Walker, another visitor.

But just like breakfast doesn't last all day, the museum won't either.

The museum will pack up and move out next month--another part of the concept.

"The idea that this magical breakfast land appears for a couple of months and then is gone, is fun to us," said Connors. "We want people leaving here thinking the world can be more artistic, more connected, a little more fun."

The Hall of Breakfast is set up at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City across the street from the Vivint Smart Home Arena.

It will be here until July 9th, but may be extended because of its success. It will appear in other cities across the country as well.

For more information, visit this website.