Inside the Story: 'Lego lady' creates intricate portraits with toy bricks

Inside the Story: 'Lego lady' creates intricate portraits with toy bricks (Photo courtesy Jennifer Smart)

(KUTV) Jennifer Smart is a mother of six children, a full-time nurse, and a Lego artist.

And everywhere you go in her home, there are Legos of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

"I've taken over the living room, the kitchen, the dining room," Smart said. "I'm sprawled out in the basement."

Smart has managed to build some incredibly realistic portraits from the little toy blocks.

Her latest project is a full-size, three-dimensional Wonder Woman she made for Salt Lake Comic Con this year.

It took three months and more than 20,000 Lego blocks in ten different colors to complete the masterpiece. It also cost about $2,000 in Legos.

It could be sold for $20,000 or more.

Smart has done several other portraits for Comic Con.

"Mark Hamill got a Lego portrait for him, too," she said. "Kind of cool meeting him."

This was her first time making a life-size statue.

"It's nerdy and scientific and engineering and toy and fun all wrapped in one," Smart said of making her Lego art.

She constructed the statue after scanning an action figure along with a Lego block into a computer program that created an image for Smart to copy.

"One thing I love about Lego is you can build anything. Anything," she said.

Smart started building with Legos three years ago when she had surgery and was home with her three-year-old son. The two were playing with Legos when she decided to do a portrait of her son.

She has also constructed three dimensional figures like Yoshi and Mario.

To check out more of her creations, you can check out her Facebook page, Once Upon a Brick.