Inside the Story: Jordan High School dancer works through limitations, inspires teammates

Inside the Story: Jordan High School dancer works through limitations, inspires teammates (Photo provided by the Tilby family)

(KUTV) Making the cut for a high school drill team is no easy task -- but try doing it with limited use of your arms and legs.

Taylor Tilby is a freshman at Jordan High School and is a member of the Charlonians, the school's drill team.

She's dancing without the full use of her arms and with a prosthetic leg.

"I don't want other people telling me what I can do," Tilby said. "I just want to show people that I can do what I want."

She was born with a rare, genetic disorder called TAR syndrome, or thrombocytopenia with absent radius syndrome.

She has loved to dance since she was young, but she was too scared to try out for the Charlonians drill team last year.

"I was really nervous what the other girls would think, how they would look at me and treat me," she said. "I was for sure set on not doing it."

But head coach Lacey Wing saw Tilby dancing through the years and believed in her ability.

"When I found out she was going to Jordan, I just felt an impression that I needed to reach out to her and let her know we would be honored to have her try out," Wing said.

Wing said Tilby was chosen for her skills and dance experience — not just to be nice.

"She deserves a spot on this team, just as much as anybody else. She does have some limitations, but that wasn't an issue to us."

And not only has Tilby earned her spot, but she has also become an inspiration to her teammates.

"She's such a blessing on the team," Carley Sanovich, team captain said.

"It makes me want to do better every day," BreKayla Woolley, another teammate said.

The Charlonians just wrapped up a season of performances with a big showcase last week.

Tryouts start again later this month, and that means Tilby must try out again. But this time, she is much more confident in her ability.

"I just want to do the best that I can and inspire people on the way," Tilby said.