Inside the Story: Forget throwing darts, throw axes instead

Inside the Story: Forget throwing darts, throw axes instead (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) You might be surprised at the latest craze that is hitting the Wasatch Front--throwing axes for fun.

And you can do it at Social Axe Throwing, with locations in Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Brayden Floyd came up with the idea a year and a half ago after he saw a YouTube video with Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa, who throws an axe.

"I'm like, 'What did I just watch? What is this?'" Floyd said.

He brought his idea to his dad, Mark Floyd, who thought he was a little crazy at first.

"'That's not going to work. Who's going to pay to throw an ax?'" Mark recalled saying.

But the two decided to build their own target and try it out. At first, it didn't work.

"We throw an axe at it--nothing. It drops," Brayden said.

But then they switched to a larger axe and it stuck on the first throw.

So Social Axe Throwing was born.

The Floyds recruited a third owner, Steve Lister, who needed a little convincing as well before signing on.

All it took was one throw.

"It stuck the first time," Lister recalled. "'Are you kidding me? I'm in.'"

Crowds are now beginning to show up at both locations.

"It's such a crazy idea in the first place, and people always want the hottest and newest thing to try and find," Brayden said.

Brayden says all it takes is about three throws to catch on. A host is there to help with safety instructions and games.

You can find the Social Axe Throwing Salt Lake location at 1154 South and 300 West. The one in Ogden is located at 2236 Washington Blvd.

For hours and more, you can visit the Social Axe Throwing website or Facebook page.