Inside the Story: Family of 10 makes beautiful music for the big screen

Inside the Story: Family of 10 makes beautiful music for the big screen (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — A family of ten is about to have a song hit the big screen.

The Bonner family, comprised of four girls and four boys — and their parents — are a musical family.

But they have never recorded music together, until recently.

Harry and Debra Bonner are one-time Baptist missionaries who converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Music and faith in God are very important to the Bonners.

"That's like the foundation of the gospel in knowing who we are," said Yahosh Bonner. "That's the inspiration, what we have been learning since we've been growing up."

The Bonner family's musical talent will soon be featured on the big screen, in a movie called "Jane and Emma."

It's about Emma Smith, wife of LDS Church founder Joseph Smith, and her dear friend, Jane.

The Bonners wrote and sing the song called "Child of God" in the film.

"This was absolutely the next step for us," said Clotile Bonner Farkas. "It just feels like this move into the big screen and doing music we love, about something we love, was organic."

This journey all started with a gift to their mom, Debra Bonner. The entire family agreed to get into the studio and record their very first song together, "I Am Here."

A movie producer noticed the song, and asked the Bonners to write and record a song for "Jane and Emma."

The family has always been close.

"I really think God has had a hand in our family life," said Oba Bonner.

But recording together side-by-side has brought about new meaning and love for each other.

"We are so fortunate to have these eight kids," said Harry Bonner. "They are not ordinary kids. They are extraordinary."

"Jane and Emma" premieres tonight at 7pm at the Megaplex Theaters at Jordan Commons in Sandy.

The Bonners' first EP went on sale last month.

For more information on The Bonner Family, you can visit their website or Facebook page.