Inside the Story: Brewery reopens 50 years later by owner's great-great grandson

Inside the Story: Brewery reopens 50 years later by owner's great-great grandson (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) What started back in the 1800s is brought back to life by four friends.

Fisher Brewing Company was opened by Albert Fisher in 1884, but closed down 83 years later in 1967.

Fisher's great-great grandson, Tom Riemondy, always had a dream to reopen the business.

"My mom's side just always talked about having that experience and it would be great to see the brand back again," Riemondy said.

That dream is now a reality after Riemondy and his friends Colby Frazier, Steven Brown, and Tim Dwyer decided to open Fisher Brewery back up.

"We did say, 'Okay, let's do this one day,'" Riemondy said. "It definitely took a lot longer than we ever imagined."

"It's been a huge, long process," said Brown.

In February of this year--50 years since the Fisher Brewery closed down--they opened their doors.

"It had to be a Fisher Brewery again. There was no question in my mind what it was going to be," Riemondy said.

The name seems to have paid off.

"It's actually carried more weight than I anticipated," said Brown. "People that didn't necessarily drink Fisher Beer have memories of their grandfather potentially drinking Fisher Beer when they were just a child."

Fisher Brewery is not about massive production. They take pride in brewing one batch at a time.

"We are not putting it into bottles and cans. It's coming straight from large tanks and kegs directly to glass, and that's what keeps it fresh and very good," said Dwyer.

Part of the business plan was to not have a kitchen, so instead they have food trucks show up at the brewery. You can grab some food and head inside.

While a lot has changed since the 1880s, these four friends believe they have what it takes to continue on the legacy of Albert Fisher.

"We've made it through the toughest part, and now it's just great to see people enjoying this thing we had put on paper years ago," said Dwyer.

Since opening, Fisher Brewery has made about two dozen different kinds of beers.

The brewery is located on the corner of 800 South and 300 West in Salt Lake.

For more, you can visit Fisher Brewery's Facebook page or website.