Inside the Story: 10-year-old Utah drummer can really rock

Inside the Story: 10-year-old Utah drummer can really rock (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) She's only 10 years old, but Milana Nigro can seriously rock out.

"I consider myself a rocker," Nigro said.

She got her first drum set at four years old, and has been playing ever since.

But she is only allowed to practice at certain times each day in her family's condo.

"We agreed with our neighbors for me to do it between 3-5," she said.

But the beat doesn't stop when she puts down her drum sticks.

"I literally bang on anything I want to," she laughed. "Literally everywhere I go."

Nigro says she just can't help it.

"My mind is basically like a living juke box," she laughed. "It's like a radio in my head. It's awesome."

Her talent has put her on the map, and led to hundreds of performances across the country.

She's also met several famous drummers.

Her most prized appearance was on the national talent show "Little Big Shots" with Steve Harvey. She got a special surprise--a chance to meet legendary drummer Sheila E!

Nigro even got to play drums with her. Who gets to do that at 10 years old?

"I have zero idea if I'm a normal 10-year-old girl because, I mean, look how I dress!" Nigro said.

Her outfit always includes a good hat.

"I basically never take my hat off," she said.

Nigro says her goal is to one day play around the world and inspire others to live out their dreams.

For more information about Milana Nigro, visit her website.