Fresh Start to Fitness: Incorporating Halloween Into Your Workout

Fresh Start 2 Fitness - Halloween Workout

Workouts tend to get stale if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, but who says exercising has to be boring? Jeffrey Beck, exercise specialist with the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, recommends the following exercises with a Halloween twist to your routine in order to keep things exciting.

1) Witch Broom Sweeps: Hold a broom with both hands and put it on your left side with your left foot behind you. In one smooth motion, bring the broom over to your right side while bringing your left foot forward and placing your right foot behind you. Do this continuously side to side for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat. Complete 3 sets.

2) Vampire Rise: Lie flat on your back, wrap a resistance band around the bottoms of your feet and hold onto each end with your hands. Sit all the way up, allowing the resistance band tension to help you do so. Return to starting position. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps.

3) Stir The Cauldron: Sit back on your heels and hold a stick or weighted object with both hands. Mimic a slow stirring motion out in front of your body using the object. After you do one stir, raise up off your heels so you are just on your knees and squeeze your glutes. Lower yourself back down to starting position and repeat the motions. This constitutes one repetition. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps.