Fresh Start to Fitness: Exercises to help with foot pain from plantar fasciitis

Fresh Start 2 Fitness - Exercises to help with foot pain from plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is when the tissue on the bottom of the feet get irritated and inflamed, which plagues a lot of people and can be very painful. For some, the worst pain happens in the morning when they first walk, said Jeffrey Beck, exercise specialist with the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray.

Beck recommends you complete the following stretches every morning in order to help relieve the pain.

1) Quadruped Stretch: Get down on all fours and fan your toes out where they are flat on the floor. Gently lean back and sit on your heels until you feel the stretch between your heel and the balls of your feet. Hold this for 30 seconds and release. Repeat 3 times.

2) Foot Massage: Now that the fascia is stretched a bit, you will want to massage the bottoms of your feet. Start with pushing right down the center of the foot from the heel to the toes. Then use circular or fanning motions, applying more pressure where you feel the most knots. This will help relieve some of the tension and improve circulation in the problem area. Do this for a few minutes per foot.

3) Isolated Calf Raises: Get into a lunge stance with your left leg forward and your right leg back. Try to keep your right heel on the ground so your foot is flat. Lift up onto the ball of your right foot, feeling the stretch throughout your foot and the calf muscle. Return to starting position. Complete 10-15 reps and then switch sides. Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps per side.