Chair Plank

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Planks are great for building core stability in the abs, back, and even the shoulders. However, they can be pretty difficult for someone just starting out. Dr. Brett McIff with the Utah Department of Health shows Marey how a chair plank is a great place to start, and can help you move toward a full plank soon.

Place a stable chair in a place where it won’t tip or roll, such as a corner. You can also do this on stairs with a lot of potential for improvement as you move further down the stairs. Place your forearms on the chair or step and extend your body so it is in a straight line from shoulder to ankle. The higher the chair or step, the easier this is, the lower the chair or step, the more difficult. Hold that position, avoiding sagging through the shoulders or low back. Keep your abs engaged, but remember to breathe. Hold this position for 10-45 seconds, 1-3 sets.