Check Your Health: Why diets fail

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(KUTV) – Did you set a goal to eat healthier in 2019? If so, there’s a chance it’s not going very well. This is because diets — especially the trendy ones — often fail. Many popular diets are appealing because they promise quick results. However, they often do this by cutting out complete food groups.

“A lot of times when people go on restrictive diets or go on New Year’s resolution diets, they’re doing an all or nothing approach,” says Ashley Hagensick, Intermountain TOSH Sports Dietitian.

While extreme diets may nudge the scale initially, the weight that’s being lost, is most likely not sustainable. For example, some diets say no to carbohydrates.

“Every gram of carbohydrate pulls in a gram of water—so you’re losing instant water weight,” says Hagensick.

If your goal is to eat healthier this year, start by changing your expectations.

“It can take a long time to lose weight. It’s overall portion size, it’s overall moderation, it’s balance, and that’s why people don’t succeed in that because it’s not a quick fix,” says Hagensick.

When deciding what you eat, Hagensick recommends following the MyPlate method.

“So now instead of the pyramid we look at the plate. So half your plate fruits and vegetables, a quarter of your plate grains, a quarter of your plate protein sources, and then dairy can fit in there too,” says Hagensick.

Eating to achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle means setting small goals that build on each other.

“A lot of New Year’s resolutions is to do it all, but really it’s about those baby steps. Taking on thing you can do and changing it and then when you can successfully change that one thing, pick something else you can do,” says Hagensick.

If you feel lost about where to start when it comes to eating healthy reach out to an expert. They can help guide you and hold you accountable in achieving your goal.

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