Check Your Health: Wellness center for those affected by cancer

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Check Your Health: Huntsman Cancer Institute Wellness Center helps those affected by cancer. (KUTV)
(KUTV) — Recovering from cancer and the sometimes debilitating treatments is a long road for patients and caregivers. Huntsman Cancer Institute has a Wellness and Integrative Health Center that aims to help everyone get back to healing the body and the mind.

“I hated strength training. I hated weights,” says Cheryl Wright, a 10-year cancer survivor.

Calling herself a reluctant recruit, Cheryl Wright started out one-on-one with Kim Walker, a nationally recognized cancer rehab therapist.

“The more active we can be before, during, and after treatment, the more successful we’ll feel during it. We can also prevent reoccurrence, which is highly motivating,” says Kim Walker, Huntsman Cancer Institute Rehab Therapist.

Cheryl was so motivated; she’s been doing workouts for almost ten years. She says the “group” part of it is therapy.

“Once I started building confidence, I started with the lowest weight, now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in,” says Cheryl.

Huntsman offers a whole wellness program for patients, caregivers, and staff. Coach — and survivor — Toni Lock brings mind, breathing, and the body together.

“We have so much going on. We go into the future or into the past. We need to come into the present where there is no stress,” says Toni Lock, Instructor and Survivor at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

That awareness helps with neuropathy, balance, and healing.

“This has helped keep me calm and also keep my body moving. After the surgery, I tensed up everywhere — I was so traumatized, and I needed a way to get back into moving my body because it was all bound up,” says Kristen Petersen, Wellness Class Participant.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute Wellness Center offers a wide variety of exercise classes. From resistance training to yoga and even some Zumba, there’s something for everyone throughout the day. For more information about the classes and programs for Huntsman Cancer Institute patients and their families call: 801-587-4585.

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